A place filled with reasons to just stop.

Tasmania’s east coast is many different things. Yes, it’s picture-perfect, white sand beaches and open, endless blue horizons. It’s places that make you feel like you’re the first person to leave a footprint. It’s national parks filled with wonders, and seaside towns filled with welcome. It’s a gourmet food bowl bursting with the best local fare. But it’s much more than that.

This is a place of stories, of encounters and treasures. A place where small, unexpected moments become lifelong memories and where taking a break can not only refresh, but reinvent. This is a place where everyday pressures are forgotten, a place that gives you time and space, where there is always something new to discover; every time in every season. The east coast is 220 beautiful kilometres full of reasons to just stop. To take a moment. To begin to see life a little differently. Once you visit, you’ll understand. And once you understand, we promise, you’ll want to come back. Again. And again.

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