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Bathtubs with a view

We take holidays for myriad of reasons, exploration, adventure, education, to spend time with loved ones. But one component every holiday should include is time for rejuvenation.

Considerable research and reflection has been committed to understanding why so many people still take baths when there are much quicker and more efficient ways of cleaning yourself. There isn’t a simple answer, the reasons people love taking baths are many and varied but there really isn’t much that a good soak in a tub won’t relieve.

  • Have you pulled a muscle? Soothe the aches away with a bath.
  • You’ve caught a cold? Soak in a hot tub of water to help clear congestion.
  • Stressed? Make sure you include some essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang or lemon are good options).
  • Need a good night’s sleep? Luxuriate in some soapy water.
  • Anxious about an upcoming event? Apparently, a bath will reduce your cortisol, not only helping you relax, but as one website informs us – it will delay the onset of premature ageing.
  • Headache? Find somewhere isolated, quiet and comfortable to relax for while… a bathtub would be perfect.
  • Feeling romantic? Share the love by sharing a bath, light some candles and bring some wine.
  • And really, has anyone ever heard of anyone recovering from a break up without first soaking away heartbreak with a glass of wine, a handful of candles and a long, restorative soak?

There is just something exquisite about plunging your body into a tub of hot water.

Perhaps it’s merely the ritual of taking the time to draw the water, find the ideal temperature, and dedicating an hour or 2 of your time to something that has no earthly purpose other than to take care of yourself – cleansing and nourishing yourself both physically and metaphorically.

To that end, you may want to consider including one of the properties from this list in your itinerary, they feature some of the loveliest tubs we’ve seen.


The Keep, Goulds Country

The Keep, located in Goulds Country, is as private a location as you are likely to find anywhere. Goulds country is breathtakingly peaceful; wild and untamed, soaking in the view while soaking in the tub at the The Keep is one of those experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

The Keep - East Coast Tasmania - Bathubs with a view


Bay of Fires Lodge (Walk)

This is a well earned bath tub.  The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is a truly unforgettable experience, offering all the benefits of spending time in nature, exploring untouched areas of planet, blissfully blended alongside all the comforts of home with more than just a touch of luxury.

Bay of Fires Lodge Spa Tasmanian Walking Company East Coast Tasmania Bathtubs with a view


Whalesong Beach Shack, Falmouth

Whalesong Beach Shack has us all constantly yearning for a getaway. Rustic images of a freshly refurbished beach shack is enough really, but then throw in that outdoor tub and all of the boxes are officially ticked. Did we mention it has a fire-pit with a view too?

Falmouth is a tiny settlement between Bicheno and St Helens on Tasmania’s East Coast, and it seems like people here really appreciate the restorative power of water.

Whale Song Shack Bathtub with a view East Coast Tasmania


The Ocean Retreat, Falmouth

Pool with a next level view. A completely different kind of experience is the Ocean Retreat. Technically – this isn’t a tub, as such. It’s a pool, so the soak is in cool water, but pay close attention to the view from that pool and you will understand why we’ve included it in this list.

The Ocean Retreat Bathtubs with a view East Coast Tasmania


Saltwater Sunrise, Falmouth

Saltwater Sunrise in Falmouth offers 3 accommodation options but if you are looking to immerse yourself while enjoying a jaw dropping view, consider the Sunrise Luxury Villa with Jacuzzi and Sauna.


Coopers Ocean Cabin and Jacuzzi, Seymour

A little further south towards Bicheno, you’ll find Coopers Ocean Cabin and Jacuzzi. Number 2 on Airbnb’s most wish-listed homes in Tasmania, and it’s easy to see why. The accommodation is simple, but with elegant attention to detail that ensures complete satisfaction. And it’s pet friendly.


Awesome Beach House, Bicheno

The next house on our list is a bit of a hidden gem. The name really says it all. Arriving from the street, the property is unassuming. Quaint, beachy, delightful. But as you enter you are greeted with fresh, thoughtful and understated renovations. You feel as if you are perched at the edge of the ocean when sitting in the living room. And you almost are. Naturally – it has a hidden tub on the side of the deck so that you can wash off and relax after lazy hours at the beach. Family and pet friendly.


Hazards View Beach House, Coles Bay

Located just outside the township of Coles Bay, Hazards View Beach House is a modern shack with a capacity of 8, perfect for a group or 2 families travelling together. With multiple decks, everyone has the opportunity to chase the sun, and enjoy some quiet. A fireplace keeps thing cosy if the evenings get cool, and the bathtub on the deck gazing out towards the Hazards Mountain Range is exactly where the name comes from. Both family and pet friendly, this holiday home has it all.

Hazards View Beach House Bathtubs with a view East Coast Tasmania


The Observatory, Coles Bay

Again, incredibly aptly named, The Observatory features a large outdoor tub with a birds eye view of the Hazards Mountains. Comfortably sleeping up to 10 people, this family friendly accommodation is within walking distance of Richardson’s Beach, the Post Office & Convenience Store, Café and Restaurant and the ever popular Coles Bay Ice-creamery.


Freycinet Lodge, Freycinet National Park

Iconic Freycinet Lodge, located inside the Freycinet National Park offers the Bay View Coastal Pavilion. Grounded elegance and total immersion within the natural surroundings of the national park creating a perfect romantic get-away. (Dare we say the perfect location for an intimate elopement and honeymoon night or 3?)

Freycinet Lodge Bathtub with a view RACT East Coast Tasmania


Saffire Freycinet, Freycinet National Park

We almost don’t need to remind you of this one, but we will. Everything deemed to be the ultimate in luxury can be found at Saffire Freycinet, including bathtubs with views. You will also be able to find a spa, plunge pool, and of course, Great Oyster Bay is right there on your doorstep, just waiting for you to dive in and say hello.

Saffire Freycinet - East Coast Tasmania - Bathtubs with a view


S H E L T E R Swansea, Swansea

S H E L T E R Swansea might be the exact opposite of Saffire’s grandiose (while understated) style. This lovely “tiny house” feels spacious, with clever use of outdoor areas and homely touches. The outdoor bath and fire-pit at sunset are sumptuous delights in a cosy and effortlessly comfortable space.


Avalon Coastal Retreat and Rocky Hills Retreat, Rocky Hills

Avalon Coastal Retreat and Rocky Hills Retreat are both lavish properties with astonishing views across Great Oyster Bay to the Freycinet National Park and the Hazards Mountains Range. Both properties feature opulent bathrooms and bathtubs with views and make for the perfect location to escape pretty much everything. Step inside either of these locations and you will forget that the rest of the world exists, if only for while.

Rocky Hills Retreat Bathtub with a view East Coast Tasmania


Thalia Haven, Little Swanport

Thalia Haven is the iconic bath tub you see on every East Coast Tasmania promotion for relaxation. You may not know it, but at some point, you will have seen it, and you will have wished you were the person lying in that vessel enjoying that sunset on the edge of the world that seems to disappear into the horizon. We all certainly have.

Thalia HAven Bathtub with a view East Coast Tasmania


Twamley Farm, Buckland

Last but not least, we have Twamley Farm. The Farm Pod is a new addition to a very old property which has been home to the same family for well over a hundred years. A hot tub in a farm stay garden. You won’t see the ocean from this one, but you will love it none the less.

Photo credits: Thalia Haven, Ben Hansen; The Keep, The Keep; Bay of Fires Lodge, Tasmanian Walking Company; Whalesong Beach Shack, Lucy Champion; The Ocean Retreat; Hazards Bay Beach House; Freycinet Lodge, RACT; Rocky Hills Retreat; Thalia Haven, Marcus Walters; Twamley Farm, Wandering Wilsons


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